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Kiev, Ukraine. October 10, 2005.

Here are pictures from Kiev, the former capital of medieval Kievskaja Rus’ state, cradle of modern Ukrainian, Russian and Belorussian states. We call it “the mother of Russian cities”. It is also the holy place for all eastern Orthodox Christians due to numerous religious places. I was there only several hours on my way to Rostov, but I had managed to visit the most famous places in the city, including the Sofijsky Cathedral, Mikhailovsky Monastery, Independence Square, Kreschatik street and Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, of course.

Victory Monument

Hotel "Ukraine" and the Column of Independence

Monument of Bogdan Khmelnicky

Part of "original" Dormition Cathedral

Monument of the fallen soldiers in Afganistan

Memorial Park of Second World War

Church of the Holy Trinity

Church of All Saints

Main entrance at the Lavra

The Dnepr river

Modern part of the city

Kreschatik street

Mikhailovsky Monastery

Sofijsky Cathedral

Basilica in the Mikhailovsky Monastery

Vladimirsky Cathedral

Mikhailovsky Monastery

Independence Square

Dormition Cathedral

Dormition Cathedral

Kreschatik and the Independence Square

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