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Poznan, Poland. November 6-8, 2003.

I used to consider Poznan as a mainly industrial city without large amount of tourist attractions in it. Thus, I have never planed any trip to this place. But there was the Current Achievements in Oncology Conference in this city in the beginning of November 2003 and I attended at it. And to my great surprise I revealed, that in fact, Poznan is a quite interesting city with numerous sights and one of the cleanest cities in Poland. Poznan people are famous for their accuracy and craving for potatoes.
The history of Polish nation and state began exactly at this part of modern Poland many centuries ago. The first Polish capital small town Gniezno is situated near the Poznan. There are many nice sights there. Old Market Square with many old-style buildings and the Castle are definitely the most interesting places in the city. The Cathedral on the Tumski island is beautiful too and picture of it in evening looks excellent.

Centre of the city

Main Post Office

Philharmonic Society



Market Square

Mickiewicz's monument

Town Hall

St. Jan Nepomucen's monument

Parish Church of St. Stanislaus

Town Hall at night

Cathedral at the Tumski island

Bamberg girl

Constitution of 3rd May street

Old Marych

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