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Rome, Italy. August 20-24, 2005.

Rome is no doubt one of the most significant cities in the world history. It was that from the very beginning, emerged as a capital of Roman Empire and later as the center of Roman Catholic Church and capital of unified Italy again. The city is like a museum in the open air. You can see buildings from different epochs just next to each other. Number of medieval building of the city was built on the foundation or even the walls of the ancient Roman ones and they look as a incredible mixture of styles and historical periods. One can hardly find building like this anywhere else. You can step to Roman Forum - center of political and cultural life of ancient Roman Empire or visit Vatican city, the holy place for significant part of Christians over the world.

Residence of the Pope

Rome from the St. Peter Cathedral

Gardens of Vatican

Statues on the roof of St. Peter Cathedral

View of the St. Peter square

Swiss Guards

Vatican from Castel Sant'Angelo


Saint Mary Major Basilica

Twin churches Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria in Montesanto

Spanish steps

Piazza Trinita dei Monti

Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

Teatro Marcello

Palazzo di Giustizia

Piazza del Popolo

Fabricio bridge - the oldest one in Rome

The Colosseum

Capitoline Wolf

Fori Imperiali

St. Peter monument

Ruins of the Roman Forum

Ruins of the Roman Forum

Ruins of the Roman Forum

Ruins of the Roman Forum


Triumphal Arc

Ruins of the Roman Forum

Roman Forum

St. Peter Cathedral and square

Tiber river from the Vatican quay

Trajan's Forum

The Colosseum

Ruins of the Imperial Stadium

Piazza del Popolo

Piazza Navona

Roman Forum

The Trevi Fountain

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