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St. Petersburg region, Russia. November - December 2006.

You can see here pictures of suburbs and small towns situated near the St. Petersburg. This region of today Russia played significant role already centuries ago in the medieval history of north-western Kievan Rus and later Muscovy. After the founding of St. Petersburg as the capital of Russian Empire by Peter the Great it became even more important and never lost its significance even after moving capital of Russia back to Moscow.


View to the Palace from the garden


Part of Catherine's palace

Interior of Catherine's palace

Monument to A.S. Pushkin


The Holy Dormition Pskovo-Pechersky monastery


Pskov kremlin and Troitsky Cathedral

Panorama of kremlin and Troitsky Cathedral


Slovensky fountains

Old fortress wall of the Izborsk

Entrance to the fortress

Vitoslavicy - museum of Russian wooden architecture

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