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Wurzburg, Germany. March 13-16, 2005.

Here are pictures from Wuerzburg, the former capital of Franken Duchy (modern southern Germany). It is very nice city with medieval Fortress Marienberg and numerous old churches. The Old Bridge is one of the oldest in the Germany and somehow similar to famous Charles Bridge in Prague. The Residence Palace is on the list of the UNESCO Heritage. Unfortunately I have not made the picture of this building, because it was too dark when I visited it and illumination was very poor. Another interesting fact about city: Roentgen, the discoverer of x-rays, lived and worked at this city. There is small exhibition about this scientist, and his laboratory still open for visitors.

St. Johannis Church

Stift Haug

Church near the center

Monument in the center

St. Mary Church

Monument in the center

Town Hall

Old City from bridge

The Old University

The Old Bridge

Old crane

Fortress Marienberg

Castle walls

Central Tower

Castle entrance

Roentgen's laboratory

Diploma of Honor from Russian physicians

The panorama of Wurzburg from the Fortress Marienburg

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