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Vladivostok, Russia. October - November 2006.

Below are my recent pictures from Vladivostok - the city where I have born and lived for most of my life. I have made it during my vacation at home on the fall 2006. You can also see my older pictures of the city on another page.

Hills near the Vladivostok

Russian Orthodox Church

Monument to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic war (1941-1945)

Svetlanskaya street - center of the city

Svetlanskaya street

Postyscheva street

Monument to V.I. Lenin

Monument to the Fighters for the Soviet Power in the Far East

Korabelnaya quay

Navy ships in the military port

Navy cadets of S.O. Makarov VVSC

Soviet Navy submarine -56, operated during the WW2, presently public museum

Vladivostok by night - Golden Horn Bay and the center of the city

Commercial port and the center of the city

Railway station

Memorial steam locomotive

Last kilometer of the Trans-Siberian Railroad - 9288 kilometers far from Moscow

Central railway station - the end of Trans-Siberian Railroad

City quay

Lighthouse in the entrance to the Golden Horn Bay


VSMU, administrative building

Ostryakova Avenue, VSMU

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